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What is HARMAN’s Next step for 5G? l Samsung Networks’s 5G ecosystem

At MWC 2019, Vishnu Sundaram emphasizes on 5G being a game-changer for the connected car industry as it enables other disruptive technologies like edge computing and Artificial Intelligence that allows for real-time decisions to deliverbetter mobility and convenience that were not possible earlier. For example- future cars being able to directly communicate with each other through V2X that would further make driving safer and more efficient.

Kuljesh Puri, Vice President & GM at HARMAN Connected Services talks about how 5G will transform the future of services with very high speed and very low latency. HARMAN’s collaboration with Samsung has been paving the way for 5G by leveragingSamsung’s deep expertise in networks, chips and hardware solutions.

Both Vishnu Sundaram and Kuljesh Puri emphasize that HARMAN will continue to leverage the power of 5G to build and offer connected solutions that revolutionizes the way we live and work for good.

Official Website: http://www.samsungnetworks.com

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