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HARMAN Showcases its 5G and 5G Telematic Solutions at MWC 2019 l Samsung Networks’s 5G ecosystem

Vishnu Sundaram, Vice President at HARMAN shares his views on the impact that the collaboration between HARMAN and Samsung will have on revolutionizing the future businesses and consumers by offering unprecedented opportunity.

He talks about how HARMAN’s collaboration with Samsung Networks is a step in driving better adoption and penetration of 5G. The synergy between HARMAN and Samsung, where HARMAN focuses on enabling the end devices with the 5G network andSAMSUNG Networks provides network equipment. Samsung Networks and HARMAN together will enable OEM’s, automakers and other industry leaders to offer differentiated experiences to their customers. He touches upon how 5G network connects and creates an ecosystem that allows all of our digital devices to seamlessly work together revolutionizing the concept of mobility, communication, city infrastructure and more.

With 5G enabled Telematics from HARMAN, not only will the car be able to analyze and react to its environment faster, but also improve roadway safety.

Official Website: http://www.samsungnetworks.com

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