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Enhance cyber defense operations with 5G

5G will allow automation at unprecedented scale to improve safety, productivity and efficiency across all levels of government including defense operations.

Whether this is warehouses, manufacturing or forward-operating bases, it is important to harden these networks and provide the additional functionality that government customers need.

By partnering with Nokia, governments can achieve economies of scale and reduce the cost of technologies.

Defense Operations with 5G

Department of defense customers are excited about 5G applications and are exploring use cases for the technology when it arrives, whether for personnel safety, high bandwidth communications or thousands of IoT devices that tend to transmit in bursts. Nokia 5G is able to segment the traffic and ensure high reliability making sure it stays mission-critical from end to end.

Defense Operations
Defense Operations

What are the three defensive operations tasks )?

What are the 7 characteristics of the defense?

What are the 4 types of offensive operations?

What are the three types of defensive operations in which the squad can participate?

For more information see our white paper on 5G security for government networks:


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