5G Glossary

5GC 5G Core Network
5GS 5G System
5G-AN 5G Access Network
5G-EIR 5G-Equipment Identity Register
5G-GUTI 5G Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
5G-S-TMSI 5G S-Temporary Mobile Subscription Identifier
5QI 5G QoS Identifier
AF Application Function
AMF Access and Mobility Management Function
AS Access Stratum
AUSF Authentication Server Function
BSF Binding Support Function
CAPIF Common API Framework for 3GPP northbound APIs
CP Control Plane
DL Downlink
DN Data Network
DNAI DN Access Identifier
DNN Data Network Name
DRX Discontinuous Reception
ePDG evolved Packet Data Gateway
EBI EPS Bearer Identity
FAR Forwarding Action Rule
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
GFBR Guaranteed Flow Bit Rate
GMLC Gateway Mobile Location Centre
GPSI Generic Public Subscription Identifier
GUAMI Globally Unique AMF Identifier
HR Home Routed (roaming)
LADN Local Area Data Network
LBO Local Break Out (roaming)
LMF Location Management Function
LRF Location Retrieval Function
MCX Mission Critical Service
MDBV Maximum Data Burst Volume
MFBR Maximum Flow Bit Rate
MICO Mobile Initiated Connection Only
MPS Multimedia Priority Service
N3IWF Non-3GPP InterWorking Function
NAI Network Access Identifier
NEF Network Exposure Function
NF Network Function
NGAP Next Generation Application Protocol
NR New Radio
NRF Network Repository Function
NSI ID Network Slice Instance Identifier
NSSAI Network Slice Selection Assistance Information
NSSF Network Slice Selection Function
NSSP Network Slice Selection Policy
NWDAF Network Data Analytics Function
PCF Policy Control Function
PEI Permanent Equipment Identifier
PER Packet Error Rate
PFD Packet Flow Description
PPD Paging Policy Differentiation
PPF Paging Proceed Flag
PPI Paging Policy Indicator
PSA PDU Session Anchor
QFI QoS Flow Identifier
QoE Quality of Experience
(R)AN (Radio) Access Network
RQA Reflective QoS Attribute
RQI Reflective QoS Indication
SA NR Standalone New Radio
SBA Service Based Architecture
SBI Service Based Interface
SD Slice Differentiator
SEAF Security Anchor Functionality
SEPP Security Edge Protection Proxy
SMF Session Management Function
SMSF Short Message Service Function
S-NSSAI Single Network Slice Selection Assistance Information
SSC Session and Service Continuity
SST Slice/Service Type
SUCI Subscription Concealed Identifier
SUPI Subscription Permanent Identifier
TNL Transport Network Layer
TNLA Transport Network Layer Association
TSP Traffic Steering Policy
UDM Unified Data Management
UDR Unified Data Repository
UDSF Unstructured Data Storage Function
UL Uplink
UL CL Uplink Classifier
UPF User Plane Function
URSP UE Route Selection Policy
VID VLAN Identifier
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network

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