Which 5G Frequency Bands Have Been Deployed
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Mobile Open Class: Which 5G Frequency Bands Have Been Deployed?

5G Frequency

More than 80 5G commercial networks have been deployed worldwide by June 2020. Which frequency bands have been used? Why were they selected?

Watch the full video to get all the details from Dr. Liu Jinshan, Senior Director of 5G Marketing and Solutions from Huawei.


– 5G uses a spectrum of all bands, with 80 – 100 MHz contiguous spectrum on mid-band (C-band / 2.6 GHz) considered important for 5G investment efficiency.

– C-Band & n41 2.6 GHz as first-wave band, followed by n40 2.3 GHz and n79 4.9 GHz

– Sub-3 GHz NR gaining momentum, starting with 2.1 GHz / 700 MHz for wide & indoor coverage and uplink enhancement.

mmWave is suitable for ultra-capacity scenarios including eMBB hotspot and FWA.

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