5G Backhaul
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5G Backhaul Challenges and New Architectures – Webinar

5G Backhaul

In this webinar replay, Moderator Richard Webb, Research Director, Mobile Backhaul and Small Cells at IHS is joined by Scott Sumner, VP Strategic Marketing, Accedian, and other industry leaders to explore how changing demands on mobile networks impacts architectural decisions about backhaul, as operators prepare for 5G.

The granularity of 5G services, applications and devices will drive the mobile network beyond human control, so where do operators need to deploy intelligence and automation to ensure that backhaul can accommodate this?

How do virtualized functionality, distributed intelligence and software-defined networking (SDN) control interact to support backhaul?

How does data analytics drive backhaul network automation?

How can operators assure performance and troubleshoot the backhaul network?

Those are some of the questions explored during the webinar.

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